Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sketchy Saturday: Watercolor Pencil

Due to my wrist pains, I've been using a watercolor pencil to draw with and use a brush pen that has a capsule for water on it to darken my lines when I need to. It's training me to not draw so dark thus reliving tension in my wrist.
I also got a new sketchbook that I plan on doing looser drawings in. Moleskines are difficult sometimes because I'm scared to ruin the nice paper with bad drawings, but I plan on getting on to do more refined drawings once my wrist is better.

And today's life drawing session, I didn't get a chance to continue reading Michael Hampton's book but it's interesting to see last week's lesson merge into my current habits.


  1. thanks for the kind words Stacy!

    This update is awesome, damn you draw nice and fluid!

  2. great sketches! i hope your wrist gets better soon too, it sucks with wrist pain..

  3. Whoa, thank you both Rodrigo and Lars!