Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 Art Summary

Whew I can't believe 2014 is almost over! It's been an incredibly stressful year for me between moving up to Seattle and getting out of a 4 year relationship. I did much better than I expected but I know I can do even better next year. :)

Most of these works can be found on my Tumblr or Instagram! I've forgotten about this blog... but I want to get back into the knack of writing and posting up progress shots again next year.

I hope everyone's new year is AWESOME!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Sketch Dailies

Hello my friends! It has been quite some time, hasn't it?

The first thing you might notice is the name change! I'm starting to use the moniker Staceart more and more often, and figured it is time to apply it to this blog. I am looking to use this blog again, while Tumblr and other social media is nice, I quite like having a place that I can show process shots and write more in depth about my work. I will also be using this blog for write-ups on different art related events I attend.

This year I've started to post my work on two new platforms: Instagram and my own Facebook Page! Instagram focuses more on my sketches and other traditional work, while Facebook features a little bit of everything from all the sites I use. Please follow both if you can!

Onto the art... There are also some other projects in the works, which I'll post more about in the future. For now though, I've been participating when I can in a great daily activity called Sketch Dailies and here are the entries I've drawn inspired by the daily topics from earlier this year.

Black Bird

Billy the Kid

Honey Badger

Robin Hood

Baba Yaga




I've really fallen behind on keeping up with the topics but Seeing these all together make me realize how fun it is to challenge myself and my process. I'll be sure to make more time for future topics and post them here on my blog!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Holiday Sprites

Happy New Year!

Hard to believe it's already 2014! I don't know what happened in 2013 but it wasn't until the end of the year that I really started to engage myself more in art and start playing around more with my art. Definitely will let that continue into this next year!

I have expanded my presence more onto other websites but I love using this blog to put the different steps of my projects into one entry - such as the holiday sprites below. 

Making sprites is always a joy for me and I really wanted to get back into making them again. I was a little ambitious this year in tackling a large quantity of sprites in a short time (my Christmas spirit was delayed by the warm weather, bah!).  

Sketches for the holly and poinsettia sprites.
Watercolor pencil and col-erase pencil.

The collection of 2.5x3.5 sprites given away to friends and family.
Acrylic with metallic watercolor wash.

A 5x7 poinsettia sprite - given to a close friend of mine.
Acrylic with metallic watercolor wash.

A 5x7 poinsettia and holly sprite - given to my family.
Acrylic with metallic watercolor wash.
A 5x7 holly sprites - exchanged during the Very Merry Art Trade.
Acrylic with metallic watercolor wash.

 Of course, I had to paint my cats for my wonderful boyfriend, hehe.

Oliver, Singer and Sargent.
5x7 Acrylic with metallic watercolor wash.

May this year be fruitful and bright for all of us!

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