Monday, February 13, 2012

Scculent and Cactus Trolls

I made some trolls last month based off some plants I saw when hanging out with friends.

I've always meant to do some more, and the inspiration hit me when Daniel and I purchased new plants this past weekend at IKEA. We are now proud owners of a little cactus and a succulent plant!

I started off with some sketches to get an idea of what they would look like. 

Instantly I knew I wanted the succulent trolls to be bothering the cactus.


  1. Man, great work. Like, really awesome

  2. Great work Stace, they have such character :D I thought they were just plants until i saw their little faces!

  3. Wonderful! Love the colors and designs of the trolls :) And really nice job on the rendering, has that cactusy feel :)