Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hibiscus Troll

I can't really put into words how much my mom means to me. There was a time period that I was really distant with her and it pains me to think how much my teenager self alienated her so much. She has always supported my creative efforts - encouraging me and enrolling me into any classes that piqued my interest. For a while, she was my agent - always marketing me to friends and family alike and getting me small art jobs. I really appreciate all that she has done for me, and also her constant support since I've left the nest. Mom, if you're reading this, know that I love you a lot and thank you for putting up with me the past twenty-two years. 

I created a hibiscus troll for her. 

An armless troll that likes to sit at the top of hibiscus bushes because they love how much the sun feels on their petals and especially love spending time with their young ones. The youth's petals won't be fully developed until adulthood.

I grew up having a hibiscus bush in my front yard and would always admire the red flowers. They remain to be one of my favorite plants, a mixture of elegance with the large petals and spunk with the stem. Unfortunately, it died while I was in junior high but every time I see a hibiscus flower, I can't help but think about that bush.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sketchy Saturday: Shut up and DRAW!

I'm in a little disbelief how much I've fallen out of the swing of things. A little update on my hand is that I have some nerve irritation in my arm and shoulder that causes pain. While it's not as severe as the tendinitis, it still hurts and I will admit that I'm a little over cautious to not draw when I'm in pain. This struggle between my need to draw and my need to rest has gotten me a little down, but I'll continue to do my best to draw while I can.

One of the ways to get back on the horse is to start attending life drawing again. Oh my lands, how out of practice I am. I felt like there was a rock tied onto my hand when drawing, struggling to capture both the pose and the likeness of the model. I could hear the inner-dialogue in my head constantly commenting on either how I need to look more, how I need to redraw something, telling myself I can do - and have done - better, and the occasional off topic thought. I had to tell myself several times "SHUT UP AND DRAW!" instead of constantly berating myself.

Even though I've drawn this model several times before, I can never master her face. Gah!
It's my goal in May to attend life drawing once a week again, along with starting another study schedule to get back into drawing.

As an added offering for not updating my blog as often, here are some monster and demon exploration going on in my sketchbook.