Sunday, February 5, 2012

FDD: 3 & 4

Gah, I forget how busy weekends can be. It's a nice change of pace but I then usually get really anxious to get back to art!

I forgot to post up my piece from yesterday for the daily draw challenge. And today, I really had to rest my wrist so I spent most of it in bed, watching Parks and Recreation. It's feeling better so I did complete a still life study and started a new little piece for my tough girls series.

So, big art post, yay! :D

 My still life was a sandwich! Such a challenging thing to paint but I learned a lot doing it. Unfortunately, it looks better in the picture than it did at the end of this still life... Food tends to go bad. And stink.

Process pics:

Grabbed some boba at the artwalk yesterday, and proceeded to draw people in the area. I love doing this, especially in pen! 

 My next gal, going to attempt to do photoshop this time around. It'll be a fun experience!


  1. You just keep getting better! Keep it up, don't stop!!! WOO!!

  2. hahaha nice sammich!

    Yeah, drawing ppl form observations is great isn't it. It's so satisfying to do with ink as well, I like ballpoint and micron pens.

    Hey, I saw you posted about wrist pain and such. Here's some links I've come across when I was dealing with that, it may help you out.

    Hope that helps and you may have already come across this info but it's better to know and prevent injury! Best,

  3. Thank you Riley!

    Wah! Thank you so much Tim! I can never know enough about wrist pain, especially how to prevent it. :D