Friday, February 3, 2012

FFD: Day 2

Welp, my Thursday nights just got a hell of a lot more lame now. My good friend Paul Richard's is moving up to Seattle this week, thus tonight was the last of the Sketch Squats. I don't want to write a farewell to Paul as I'll be seeing him tomorrow, but don't be surprised if tomorrow's post ends up being a kiss ass post to Paul, hah. 

Regardless, here's the sketch I completed tonight! More of my tough women. I grew up with a lot of women in my family outliving their husbands, so I have such a high respect for elderly women. Not so much of the smoking variety but I based the design of the older woman from a gal I saw at work. 
The little girl was a challenge to draw! I haven't drawn children as much before, so thank you to Daniel and Mathias coaching me along the way! :D