Sunday, January 29, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 6

Somewhat lazy day, I hope you don't mind if I post the studies I did this past week. :D

I have a small notebook that I call my "studybook" so I don't clog my sketchbook too much. The paper is nice for water color as well! Here are some entries:

Top left: "Precision" drawings from life (pencil)
Top right: Gestures from photos (ballpoint)
Bottom left: Value gestures from photos (pencil)
Bottom right: Color face studies (watercolor)
Row 1: Perspective study from life
Row 2: Perspective study from life and value study from life
Row 3: Perspective practice from imagination

30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Dear reader, you will have to forgive me on two accounts. The first is the fact that I've been hiding my life drawing sketches because I've just been unsatisfied with them this month. The second is the lull of the next couple posts, as I have to rest my wrist for the time being. 

Life drawing has always been a favorite of mine, as some of my drawings reveal. There was a two week break for the holidays and ever since returning, I feel as though I haven't been up to par to what I've been drawing before. Especially when having a male model in what feels like months, I could just feel myself struggle and slow down greatly when at life drawing. I could feel my frustration but have not been able to target the source. 

After today's session, I discussed my predicament with Daniel and the only reasonable (and optimistic) solution is the fact that now that I study regularly, I'm starting to see more and more of my mistakes and bad habits. Plus, anytime an art block or anytime life gets difficult overall, it just means I'm leveling up. 

So for Day 5, I present this month's life drawing sketches. There are some small victories, but still a long way to go to being pleased with them like before. 


Friday, January 27, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 4

I'm super pleased with how this one turned out! It was a lot of fun to paint and I absolutely love the colors. Gouache is becoming my best friend.

I didn't really get a chance to explain the characters, as the previous entry was made very late in the night. I've always had this love story about the sun and moon, and always had an idea of what the moon character looks like. It wasn't until very recently that I sat down and actually thought about how I wanted the sun to look like. I wanted them to be opposites: she's practically naked, he's fully clothed, her face is easily seen while his is constantly in shadow, etc. I think that's what make these illustrations some of my favorites.

"While he watches her from afar: Sun" - 6" x 9"
 Gouache and acrylic on Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Here they are side by side. I wanted to do another with both of them, but alas - I ran out of time and my wrist has been acting up. 
They will be on display and for sell at the Weavver Gallery in Downtown Fullerton for the "Pairings" show. I'll be there for the opening on First Friday! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 3

First of three paintings for an upcoming art show. I love gouache despite how temperamental it can be. A lot of things I wish I could go back and fix, but overall, very happy with the result.

"And so she slept in the stars: Moon" - 6" x 9"
Gouache and acrylic on Arches Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 2

When I was in school I would often doodle in class, just on a plain sheet of paper with a ballpoint pen. There's something therapeutic about not being able to fix mistakes and to draw my brains out. At least 90% of the drawings were crap, but there are always a few that turn out better than I expect it.

I did have an off day today, just could not get into the grove of things no matter how hard I pushed. I reminded myself that the first rule of art is to relax and have fun. So I picked up a sheet of paper, a ballpoint pen and my neglected brush pen, then just went at it for the next hour to explore some ideas for an upcoming painting.

Monday, January 23, 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Hello and happy new year!

A few friends of mine have been doing a 30 Day posting challenge, and I thought I would join the fun! I need to get the ball rolling for this year. I'm aiming to complete a mini-piece each day, with or without a time limit.

Today's piece is a bit dark, as I've been under the weather lately. I had the idea of "vicious cycle" in my head and decided to draw it out. I did some thumbnails first, playing around with composition. 
Originally I was aiming to complete this piece in an hour, but only got this far into the hour. I kept going to my closet door mirror to model for myself, wanting to get the hands just right.

I decided to take a second hour to finish up the piece. 
"Vicious Cycle" - 4.5" x 6.5"
pencil on bristol board