Monday, October 10, 2011

Sketchy Saturday: Better Late Than Never

Keep missing my Saturday updates... But as the proverb goes: Better late than never!

I'm enjoying doing still lives with pencil lately. Mostly to build up my patience but learning how to work the pencil again has been lovely.

Sketchbook liter, characters characters characters...

Fiddling around with sketches in Photoshop. 

Thanks for your time. :)


  1. I just love the way you drew the glass and watch. You have such a beautiful style with your human figures. And the way you draw wings is glorious.

  2. I's looking forward to your harpie, immensely. :) Keep up the good work, Waffles.

  3. Good work, enjoying your playing around with character ideas. Like that idea of the demonic skull around the women's face. I couldn't help but notice your list of things to draw which had me giggling.

  4. Awe, thanks guys! :) And yeah Tim, gotta keep note of what I need to draw more, haha. :)