Saturday, January 17, 2015

Figure Drawing - 1.16.2015

I thought that drawing a model in costume wouldn't be too much trouble since I usually go to cafes to get my life drawing fixes. I was wrong this time around, I found myself constantly struggling to get the model's skirt drawn correctly on paper. 

I did my best to make sure to understand the position of her legs and how they affected the shape of the skirt. Anytime I moved into drawing more details in the fluffy skirt, I just got lost and found myself not being able to communicate the skirt clearly on paper. 

I wasn't having fun. Without having fun, I was just churning out terrible drawings after terrible drawings. Towards the end was when I started to relax by exploring more with ink and the two tone pencils. I did some skirt studies in pen since the last pose was over 30 minutes, which started to make me realize what mistakes I was making earlier. I was just making every tier of the skirt the same size and shape, or drawing them on a linear plane. Unfortunately the session ended and none of the drawings I made reflected what I learned last minute, so some drapery studies are due this week!

Next week will be a nude long pose, I'm debating on if I want to try watercolor or if I can bring some kind of digital set up. 

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